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   Example of A Contract


Example of A Contract

Every contract is different, and some are more complicated than others, but they should all still have the same basic items included in them. Below you will see an example of a contract template, which you can use to get the ball started when writing your own contract.

Opening paragraph: name the parties involved, along with how they will be identified for the rest of the contract. Indicate the date this contract will be signed and/or enforced.

Explanation: paragraph detailing why the two parties are entering this relationship (e.g. one is selling something to the other).

Provisions: in separate sections, outline the details of this contract.

      If one party is selling something to the other, be it goods or services, indicate payment amounts and methods.

      Indicate what, exactly, one party is providing to the other.

      Indicate what action either party may take if the other party does not meet the terms of the agreement.

      Indicate any other provisions that need to be included in this document. If you want it done or provided, it better be included here.

      Indicate the conditions under which the agreement can be terminated.

Signatures of the named parties, and those of any necessary witnesses and/or notary publics.

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