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   Services Contract Checklist


Contracts can be complicated, but it's important that you make sure it covers everything, so that neither party comes out on the losing end. Use this checklist to give your service contract a onceover. If the answer to the question is yes, put a check or "X" in the box. If the answer is no, add it to your contract (if necessary).

Does the contract include...

...names and addresses of all parties? of the contract?

...when it will take effect and/or when work will begin?

...length of the contract? the recipient will evaluate the finished product?

...contractor's specific duties/deadlines/milestones?

...client's duties?

...payment arrangements?

...method of communication between client and contractor?

...who will supply various materials and labor?

...a confidentiality clause?

...a non-compete clause?

...details about the use of subcontractors?

...dispute resolution methods?

...details on who pays legal costs in any litigation?

...indemnity or hold harmless clause?

...limitation of liability clause?

...termination on insolvency clause?

...a statement of the contractor/client relationship?

...provisions for terminating the agreement?

...correct signature boxes?


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