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Illustrator Contract

_______________________ (hereafter "Illustrator") and _______________________ (hereafter "Publisher"), hereby agree to the following regarding illustrations (hereafter "The Illustrations") to be published in ___________________ (hereafter "the Work"), a book of approximately __________ {pages/illustrations}:

The Illustrator hereby verifies and attests that they are the sole creator of the Illustrations used in the Work, that no other parties have any interests, rights, or claims to the Illustrations, and that they have the ability to grant the rights to the Illustrations to the Publisher.

The Illustrator verifies and attests that the Illustrations are completely original, previously unpublished, and not part of the public domain. They further verify that no part is libelous, plagiarized, or in violation of rights of privacy of other parties. Any copyrighted images used in the manuscript have been approved in writing by the copyright holder before the submission of the manuscript to the Publisher.

The Illustrator shall indemnify and hold harmless the Publisher and all if its agents, officers, directors, and employees harmless from any claims, suits, demands, prosecutions, or proceedings that are made on the grounds that the Illustrations violate the privacy of other parties or are libelous, plagiarized, or unlawful in any manner. The Publisher shall not be held responsible for any damages, costs, or expenses from such proceedings.

The Illustrator will be required to provide between {number} and {number} Illustrations. At least {number} will be full-page illustrations, while no more than {number} will be half-page illustrations. All Illustrations must be {color/black and white}.

The Publisher will provide the Illustrator with the manuscript from the Author no later than {date}. The {Illustrator/Publisher} will decide what the illustrations will depict. The {Illustrator/Publisher} will decide where the illustrations are placed in the Work and on the page.

The Illustrator {will/will not} provide the cover art. The Illustrator {will/will not} design the cover.

The Illustrator will provide a preliminary sample of at least {number} sample illustrations no more than {number} days after receiving the manuscript for the Publisher's approval. The Publisher will have {number} days to approve or request changes. The Illustrator will then have {number} days to provide the full Illustrations requested.

The Illustrator grants the Publisher the right to publish the Illustrations under the following conditions:

The Publisher shall apply for copyright protections on behalf of the Illustrator and renew such applications as necessary.

The Publisher agrees to publish the Work in a reasonable amount of time. If the Work has not been printed, published, and distributed within {amount of time} of the Illustrations' submission, all rights revert back to the Illustrator.

The Illustrator shall receive a fee of {amount} upon starting the project and {amount} upon completion. The Publisher shall pay the Illustrator an advance against future royalties of {$} payable upon the following schedule: {schedule}.

The Publisher shall pay the Illustrator {percentage} of all sales made of the first {number} copies sold, {percentage} of all sales made of the next {number} copies sold, and {percentage} of all copies sold after that. The Illustrator shall receive {number} complimentary copies of the Work and be permitted to purchase copies at a {percentage} discount in perpetuity. The {Illustrator/Publisher} will pay the shipping costs for these copies.

The Publisher agrees to promote, publicize, and advertise the Work in the following ways: {social media, website, readings, ads, etc.}.

The Illustrator {may/may not} use the Illustrations in their portfolio and on their website for self-promotion purposes.

The Publisher agrees not to sell the Work below the industry standard of {price}.

In witness to their agreement to the terms of this contract, the parties affix their signatures below:

Illustrator, signature & date

Publisher, signature & date

Create your own printable contract — FREE!

Formatted and ready to use with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or any other word processor that can open the .DOC file format.

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