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General Contracting Agreement

This agreement ("Agreement") is made this {date} day of {month}, {year}, between {Name}, henceforth known as "Contractor," and {Name}, henceforth known as "Owner."

Pursuant to the work described in {an estimate, a previous agreement, etc.}, the Contractor and Owner agree to the following:

Section 1
The Work

The Contractor and Owner agree that the following work will be done on {owner's home, or specific area within the home or yard}:

{description of the work. This can be a bullet point list, but it should be as detailed as possible to avoid any confusion and/or accusations of breach of contract. If it's a bathroom remodel, detail exactly what will be done to the bathroom, for instance. If another sheet needs to be attached for the description, note that here.}

Section 2

The Contractor and Owner agree that the work detailed above {or on attached sheet} will be completed according to the following timeline:

Work Start: {date}

Work Frequency: {days per week, hours per day, etc.}

Work Completion: {date}

Any delays that arise during the course of the work must be discussed with Owner immediately.

Section 3

Owner agrees to pay the Contractor a total of {amount in dollars}, payable in the following manner:

{description of payment plan, such as half up front, half upon completion, etc.}

Section 4

Any changes made to plans, materials used, time needed, or any other portion of the work must be discussed with Owner prior to any decisions.

Section 5

Contractor agrees to secure any permits necessary so that this work will be done within the parameters of the laws of {State}. Contractor agrees that any fees for these permits are already included in the total amount charged to the Owner.

Section 6

Contractor agrees that any laborer, subcontractor and/or employee that he/she hires for the purposes of this job is legally permitted to work in this function in this country.

Section 7

Owner agrees that the Contractor may hire subcontractors at his/her discretion, provided that Contractor agrees that the payment for said subcontractors is entirely the Contractor's responsibility. Owner is not in any way liable for a subcontractor's missed payment.

Section 8

Owner agrees to maintain the appropriate {house, rental, etc.} insurance on the {property, home, etc.}. Contractor agrees to maintain an insurance policy that covers himself/herself, any employees or subcontractors, his/her equipment, and any damage caused by the work.

Section 9

Contractor agrees that any debris, equipment, etc. will be removed from {house, property, etc.} upon completion of the job. The location will be returned to the state in which it was found prior to the work, excepting, of course, the changes made as a result of the work.

Invalidity or unenforceability of one or more provisions of this Agreement shall not affect any other provision of this Agreement.

Contractor and Owner acknowledge that this Agreement is subject to the laws and regulations of the state of {State}.

___________________________                                              __________________________
Owner Name                                                                               Contractor Name

___________________________                                              __________________________
Owner Signature                                                                         Contractor Signature

Create your own printable contract — FREE!

Formatted and ready to use with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or any other word processor that can open the .DOC file format.

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