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This agreement ("Agreement) is made this {date} of {month}, {year}, by and between {name of seller}, hereinafter known as "Seller," and {name of buyer}, hereinafter known as "Buyer," for the purchase of {business name}, hereinafter known as the "Business," and all related assets.

Buyer and Seller both agree to the following provisions as conditions for the sale of the Business:

1. Purchase Description-Assets and Liabilities

Buyer is purchasing the following assets from Seller:

{Here is where the assets should be listed. If this is simply a sale of assets, and Seller is retaining name rights only to the business/corporation, please note that here. Otherwise, make a list, including value, of each asset which will be sold to the Buyer from the Seller. If necessary, reference "schedules," or attachments, and include them with this document, with the understanding that both parties are signing off on the schedules as well as the provisions listed here. The list of assets may be done in any way, but a convenient method might be to include a simple table with the details. See sample table below.}



Customer accounts




Rental Properties




Intellectual Property




{also be sure to include, if applicable, that Buyer will receive title(s) to any properties the Seller will be purchasing, as well as how the transfer of customer accounts, if any, will proceed}

{after listing the assets, you must also include a list of liabilities, if any, that the Buyer will be assuming from the Seller. Again, using a table is an efficient way to accomplish this task.}





Advertising Contract


Equipment Rental Contract


2. Purchase Price

Owing to the total value of the assets and liabilities listed in Section 1, as well as{any other considerations that fall within the purchase price}, the total purchase price of the Business is {amount in dollars}, which will be paid in the following manner:

{here you outline the details of the payment plan, including whether it will be paid in cash, in installments, whether interest and/or late fees will be added, etc.}

3. Competition

Seller agrees that for a period of {length of time}, {he/she} will not engage in any activities related, directly or indirectly, to the Business, and will not attempt to solicit business or services from any customers, clients, etc. who originally were such during the Seller's ownership of the Business. This non-compete clause applies to {name the geographic region, such as the state, tri-state area, nation, etc.}.

4. Indemnity

If either party is found to be in breach of this Agreement, the offending party will indemnify the offended party for any legal fees accrued as a result of the breach. Lost profits incurred as a result of any such breach {will/will not} be repaid by the offending party.

5. Severability

Should any provision in this Agreement be deemed in some way invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain intact and enforceable by law.

6. Jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws and regulations of the state of {State Name}.

Both parties agree to the provisions listed above, as well as any applicable schedules or attachments included with this Agreement.

Signed this {date} of {month}, {year}.

___________________________                       __________________________
Seller Name                                                          Seller Signature

___________________________                       __________________________
Buyer Name                                                         Buyer Signature

___________________________                       __________________________
Witness/Legal Representative Name                    Witness/Legal Representative Signature

Create your own printable contract — FREE!

Formatted and ready to use with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or any other word processor that can open the .DOC file format.

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