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This contract ("Contract") is by and between {Name of Author}, henceforth known as "Author," and {Publishing Company} , henceforth known as "Publisher," for the purposes of coming to terms on the publication of {title of work}, henceforth known as "Book."

This Agreement is set forth this {date} of {month}, {year}.

I. Grant of Rights and Territory

Author grants Publisher the following rights to the Book: {description of what rights the Publisher will retain, including print, film, foreign rights. Be specific with regard to territories, as well as to which specific rights, if any, the Author will retain.}

II. Manuscript Delivery

Author agrees to deliver Work, including any revisions, to Publisher by {date}. The schedule for revisions will be as follows: {details on when/how revisions will be made, including when or how often the Publisher can request the revisions, and how those requests will affect the final delivery date of manuscript} .

III. Advance/Royalties

Publisher agrees to pay Author the sum of {amount in dollars} as an advance against future royalties.

Publisher further agrees to pay royalties on {net sales or gross sales} according to the following: {details on royalty payment schedule, including royalties paid on different editions of the book, such as paperback, electronic, Braille, etc. This should be a thorough schedule, perhaps written in table form.}

Example table of royalty payment schedule:


Royalty Payment to Author

Foreign language














IV. Copyrights

Publisher will obtain a copyright for the Book in the Author's name, and will do so by {date}. Should Publisher add any material in the form of text, graphics, photos, etc., Publisher will retain copyright ownership for that material.

IV. Indemnification

Author agrees that {he/she} is the sole creator of the Book, and has not previously published the Book in any other form. Author indemnifies and holds harmless Publisher against any and all claims, actions, demands, etc. arising from the publication of the Book. This includes, but is not limited to, actions involving plagiarism, fraud, and theft.

V. Publication

Publisher will publish the Book no later than {date}, unless unforeseeable events occur, through no fault of the Publisher, that may delay publication. These events include, but are not limited to, crimes against Publisher and labor strikes.

VI. Statements of Account

Publisher agrees to provide Author with statements of {his/her} account on a {monthly, biannually, etc.} basis. Publisher agrees to settle the account {how frequently account will be settled, meaning how often royalties will be paid to Author}.

VII. Competing Works

Author agrees that {he/she} shall publish no other work, during the terms of this contract, that includes any characters, likenesses, or any other material related to the Book mentioned herein, unless agreed upon by the Publisher (e.g., Author may not publish a sequel to the Book with another publisher without prior consent of Publisher).

VIII. Out-of-Print

The Book shall be considered to be "out of print" when {conditions under which the Book will be named "out of print" by the Publisher} . At that point, all copyrights owned by the Publisher, if any, will transfer to the Author, and this Contract, including all provisions herein, will be considered terminated.

IX. Termination

Other than the provisions set forth in the above section, this Contract may only be terminated if {conditions under which this Contract may be terminated}.

This Contract is subject to the laws and regulations of {federal government, specific state, etc.}.


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Create your own printable contract — FREE!

Formatted and ready to use with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or any other word processor that can open the .DOC file format.

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